We collect our olives, the gift of nature, without harming a single olive tree and ripen them in modern, healthy and hygienic conditions. We make no compromises on our quality of production with the responsibility of contributing to the growth of healthy nations. Our olives get their delicious taste from being completely natural and our long years of experience in this sector. We aim to produce high quality, natural and tasteful olives.

It is possible to exist long years in the food industry by standing behind each of your products. We have always seen our tradesmen and customers as our own partners and we have not compromised on service and quality for our customers’ satisfaction.

With our professional teams, modern and hygienic facility that comply with European standards, we produce quality and natural products in line with high technology and food codex. We are proud to be one of the prominent olive producers in the region with our 3.000 m2 factory established on an area of 15.000m2. We have Food Registry Certificates approved by the Ministry of Agriculture and Food for all our products.